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❚❚❚❚❚ BASICS.

Simon Wilson.
■ CANON: Original character. Taken from the unhappy last stages of his legal training in late 2009.
■ AGE: 23.
■ ID: M01C12-392.
■ STATUS: Physically sound, but that's it. Beaten into submission.
■ INVENTORY: Here. Usually wearing jeans, a sweater and a shirt beneath. Standard issue boots and coat, blue translator light in left ear, hyperkey chain below his shirt. Cuff on right wrist. Hunting knife sheathed below his sweater, on the left; two throwing knives in improvised sheaths up his sleeves.
❚❚❚❚❚ IC.
■ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: More welcoming of it than he was. Let me know first if your character is going to try and flirt with him though God only knows why they would, because I might not notice in time for him to react.
■ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Let's talk about it! He's had some fairly intense training since he arrived, but your character will probably still win. I'll go with whatever's IC and won't make him unplayable.
■ RELATIONSHIPS: Sexual/romantic? Very unlikely. His awful boyfriend back home is his icon. It is, however, more likely than it used to be that he'll snap a little and seek comfort with someone—but it's still incredibly unlikely, and won't end well. Anything else? Absolutely. All CR welcome.
■ MENTAL INFORMATION: Note that he's used to people digging into his head and will expect it if he knows you can do it.

Update, Day 16—yes, he's learning to live with it. Especially on the network, he almost seems like his old self, sometimes. But it's still not good—everything that's returning has a far darker edge, and it's often very forced. All that arguing with himself is becoming automatic, second-nature. It's starting to make sense to him. He's starting to feel bad about walking away, to see his family and home through rose-tinted glasses. He certainly doesn't remember his misgivings about Yuki; thinking about them would finish him.

By Day 7, Simon's not the same young man who joined the CDC. He's played up too much and been forced into compliance, and that's how he reads: like something frozen. Mentally, he's a black hole that chills anyone who touches it; you have to peer through a heavy wall of ice to even see him. He's constantly second-guessing and correcting himself. He's forbidden to question Gliese's authority in thought, and he is always, always working on this. Expect to pick up snatches of poetry and sequences of numbers. He's forever fighting back mentally and shouting himself down; the Christian idea of "dying to self" is in play.

He is always aware of Gliese's terms; expect to pick up relevant parts of those. He witnessed the murder of his boyfriend, and that never leaves him; basically, that whole thread with Gliese is forever in front of him. If you look into his mind, you'll know about it.

His moral issues still torment him, but other things torment him more. He's adjusting. He'll get better. He hates Gliese and the instructors and wants them all dead, but more than that, he hates himself for being so stupidly naive. His determination to submit is absolute, because the price of failure is the eternal torture of the one person he loves most.

His old secrets, his class and his sexuality, are in his file and public. He couldn't care less any more. His change of name is still a secret, but again, revealing this wouldn't set him back more than briefly; note, though, that he still thinks of himself as Simon Kenwood. Since the drop on Day 1, he's got a horror of open water; thanks, landsharks.
■ MEDICAL INFORMATION: Psychological basket case, but physically pretty healthy. Immunisations up to date, assorted childhood illnesses and colds, broke his right wrist when he was eight scar healed by the CDC. Thanks! Blood type is O negative. Extremely stressed, but holding up surprisingly well. Often has bites and scratches and cuts from his bahari.
■ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Anything that breaches his contract. He'll walk away, he'll ignore you, he'll shout you down, and if he thinks it necessary, he will turn you in. Mild offence on the SJW level, but nothing nearly as significant as it used to be. Up for CR with all of this, though it might get a bit intense. Expect casual sexism and anti-Americanism and so on in his introspection; he's not terribly self-aware.
❚❚❚❚❚ OOC.
■ PLAYER: Vashti.
■ CONTACT: [ profile] nightshrike
■ BACKTAGGING: Yes. If I get overwhelmed I'll handwave.
■ THREADHOPPING: Let me know first. I'm easily confused.
■ FOURTHWALLING: Yes. He's an OC, so he can't strictly be fourthwalled, but I'm up for PB crossovers and meta.
■ ACTION VS PROSE: I'm a prose girl, but in-game I'll tend to try and stick to short action tags.
■ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Rape and sexual abuse. Let's not.

■ ANYTHING ELSE? I'm on GMT. RL often intervenes. Will rewrite for fuckups - just let me know! All the OOC communication forever.