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2020-03-31 11:14 am
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HMD (How's My Driving?)

Like him? Hate him? Just want him to stay the hell out of your inbox? Let me know.

All comments welcome, anon-enabled, screened.
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2019-05-01 07:41 am
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2014-06-15 08:31 am
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Random plot post

Not so much a plot as an attempt to flesh out what we've been given: Supply storage and logistics. It doesn't seem like there's much inventory to manage yet, if everything comes down in the supply drop and is assigned by rover? So questions:

- Is there a cache of supplies held and managed on the ground? If so, do the outposts have their own caches as well? Which would be supplied from the central one?
- Inventorywise, everything is electronically tagged, right? So it can all be automated? There must be room for error checking, damage checking, things like that though - especially after attacks. Are there any smaller supplies which aren't tagged and must be individually counted off?

Possible supply things:

- Those supplies for the medtent that were mentioned. They must go through a lot, which would need tracking and replenishing and couldn't be held in the medtent.
- Is there an onsite armoury? Presumably either Green would run this, or Blue would stock it and Green would manage it?
- What about all those science samples the mapping teams brought back? Is there a lab tent somewhere? Is there a science division? Presumably Orange are managing this?
- It's been suggested that Red should have a black market for e.g. poisons, but I would not know anything about that. /halo

The other thing that comes to mind: some sort of post office setup. Primarily for things like IC rewards and shopping channel packages; they could all be sent down to a central point that characters would have to collect from. But there's no reason people couldn't drop off packages for collection as well.
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2014-06-10 10:14 pm

[ooc] relationships

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Former rovermate. Nasty tongue. Alleged sociopath. Ice fetish. Perhaps not quite made of ice.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Former rovermate. Talking to him can be like juggling a timebomb, but I like him. I respect him a lot. I worry about him. Voted second place, "Most Likely To Get Killed, Month 1".

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Lead recruit at medical. I try not to bother him, and in turn he doesn't bother me. Good at what he does.

■ ■ ■ ■
Sweet and scary. Takes care of me, and vice versa. Has a better right hook than I do. [Transferred offcrew Day 22]

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
A demigod who eats my dreams. I owe her a lot. I don't think she's malicious at all, just very old. The thing is, sometimes when the oldest things move, you get earthquakes.

■ ■ ■ ■
I don't know any more. Nothing I can do for him, and he wouldn't accept my help if there was. Awful to teach, though.

■ ■ ■ ■
Jack's sister. I was wary of her, but I think I should have been worried for her.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Teaches me, though I suspect I'm not a rewarding student. Proper, mostly distant, 1940s English. Sometimes surprises me.

■ ■ ■ ■
We fell out, and now we don't talk. Rude and abrasive, with a huge chip on her shoulder. But clever, too, and sees more than she means to let on. Has potential. Was Babydoll's friend.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Claims to be nobility, but isn't; just nod and smile. Good with animals. Likes tea and conversation. Knows how things work. I like him.

■ ■ ■
Pre-Revolution French. One of those terribly familiar do-gooder types that makes my sinuses hurt. Defensive of the rights of others. Doomed.

■ ■ ■ ■
Loud. Angry. Knows better than I do. I stay away from him.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Another one who should never have come here, for all that she has some sort of power. Irrepressible, very young, likes to get me into trouble. Problems at home.
[Threads go here]

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Strange girl, with a sad, impressive file. Organised, practical, great to work with. I don't think she likes me much. She should have been in my line of work.

■ ■ ■ ■
A thief. Or no; a master thief, do forgive me. An outsider. Cagey. Likes word games.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Reserving judgement on this one. She'd be a perfectly nice girl, if she weren't also a fucking vampire.

■ ■ ■ ■
I think I understand what she did more than I used to. Not that it matters. Most days, though, I still want to kill her.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
This kid. I think he's worse off than I am, and he's done nothing to deserve it. I want to help him, if I can.

■ ■ ■ ■
Cold, picky, analytical, taller than I am. Something wrong there. A "failed clone of a god", which might explain it. Homesick, if you listen long enough.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
A classic psychopath, if her file's to be believed. Bullying and obvious, whether it is or not.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Officer responsible for medical. Best avoided.

■ ■ ■ ■
Another one trapped in the panopticon. Good despite everything, somehow ancient. She has something special. She was Vanille's friend.
[Threads go here]

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
I never, never would have guessed that some day, one of my closest friends would be a reptile. But I'm very glad he is my friend.
[Threads go here]

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Enthusiastic, naïve, Victorian. More than she seems. Terribly good-natured. Alarming.

■ ■ ■ ■
Scary and sweet—well, sometimes. My partner in crime. I owe her.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Too young to be here, and older than me. I don't know what I can or should do about her.

■ ■ ■ ■
The sort of bastard you can't help but admire. And who you want to admire you. Don't look at me like that. And he's a pirate.

■ ■ ■ ■
Yet another ninja. I'm still not quite sure what a ninja is. Abrupt, uncommunicative, interferes with cats. Avoid.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Reminds me of half the boys I knew at school. Shallow and not too bright, but good deep down. From the near future. Pilots giant robots, can you imagine? [Killed in action Day 41ish]

People at home.
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2014-05-25 01:58 pm
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[ooc] chronology

00 01 02 03 04 05 | 06 07 08 09 10 11 | 12 13 14 15 16 17 | 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 | 30 31 32 33 34 35 | 36 37 38 39 40 41 | 42 43 44 45 46 47
48 49 50 51 52 53 | 54 55 56 57 58 59 | 60 61 62 63 64 65 | 66 67 68 69 70 71

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

[Note: starred threads belong to the preceding AC month.]

AC Month 1
May 9–11
✖ Simon is dropped onto Ajna. Drop Point B: soft ice, attacked by sharks.
Vanille makes a flame to warm him in the snow.
✖ Language barriers and wrestling with Kagari.
✖ Runs after Arya to bring her back.
✖ Walking to the strait with Bruce.
✖ Language barriers and shark killing with Hanbei.
✖ Chat and how the hell did you kill that shark with Peter.
✖ Helps Babydoll not die from riding a shark.
Lancer rescues him from a whole bunch of sharks.
Bond gets sick of his shit and finally takes his gun off him. Good call.
May 12–14
Assigned to Rover 023 as designated driver, current rovermates are November 11, Anders, Thor Odinson and Damon Baird.

✖ 08:00: Simon stumbles into the rendezvous and has an unpleasant encounter with Neheda and her skeletons. Mogget looks on.
✖ 09:45: And then tries to wheedle a new firearm out of Gliese. Lawd.
✖ 10:00: Simon falls asleep at the bonfire and has a nightmare, which Baku helps out with.
✖ 10:30: Simon exchanges a few words with Raleigh at the bonfire.
✖ 11:00: After their disastrous encounter on the crewship, Simon reaches a tentative understanding with Vriska.
✖ 14:00: Simon hogs the showers and annoys Rapunzel.
✖ 16:00: Simon works in the mess hall with Levi. Whose terrible idea was that?
✖ 17:30: Simon and Arya talk about trust.
✖ 18:00: Simon reencounters Baku in the mess hall, and withdraws his consent to have her eat his nightmares.
✖ 18:30: Simon and Babydoll split their meals and there's a paper bird.
✖ 19:00: On the way out of the mess hall, Simon feeds Mogget and they talk about necromancers.
✖ 21:00: Simon and November divvy up the top and bottom rover bunk.
✖ 39:00: Q mass texts to ask the crew what languages they speak.
✖ 40:00: Zack Fair texts to ask about drop points.
✖ 40:30: Simon and November bitchfight and go for a tumble around in the rover.
✖ 41:00: Anders reluctantly arrives at the rover to find Simon already there. Drinking ensues.
✖ 48:00ish: Fang complains about the boys making out in the showers. Simon ends up talking to her about sex and Winnie, though not both at once.
✖ 48:00ish: Big Boss complains about the public database.
✖ 60:00: Simon reunites with Hanbei.
✖ 68:00–70:00: Simon's snow planet making is interrupted by Vanille, Pilot, Peter, Kagari, Hibari and Bond, who returns his rifle. Kagari beats him up.
May 15–17
✖ 00:00: Ghost updates the translators. Simon asks about kaomoji and the database entries.
✖ 00:05: Hornet demands interesting things from the crew.
✖ 06:40: Gliese assigns Blue Team to hatchling duty. She freaks Simon out a lot. Vriska refuses to comply, and Simon somehow gets her to apologise. He also tries to intervene with Gliese, but fails.
✖ 11:00: Simon and Q complain about Big Boss's music.
✖ 11:12: Daenerys asks for help with her hatchling eggs.
✖ 13:00: Simon's newborn hatchlings try to kill him and Anders lectures him and heals him up.
✖ 16:00–18:00: Hakon and Clary stop by to visit with Simon and his hatchlings.
✖ 16:30: Simon talks to Lancer about magic and sorcery.
✖ 20:00: Gliese returns and issues hatchlings. She dresses down Simon for his lack of skillz. She also breaks Vriska's arms for insubordination.
✖ 24:21: Simon leaks some information to the network, taking the opportunity to demand to see his contract. This is a grave error. Replies from Gliese, Neheda, Ghost, Dagger and Dagger again, who finally shuts Simon down. Recruits replying include Annie, Barnaby, Big Boss, Bond, Bruce, D, Hanbei, Hope, Jack Benjamin, Kagari, Kougami, Martin, Metallia, November, Pilot, Reiner, Riza, Temeraire, Thane, Tony Stark, Vriska, Wes and Winnie. Garrus replies only to get hijacked by Vriska. Babydoll rushes over to visit.
May 18–20
✖ 08:06: Kurt, assigned to watch Simon, offers to help him with his physical training.
May 21–23
✖ 04:00: Hanbei posts some encouraging statistics to the network! Simon makes a furious phone call. November is unimpress.
✖ 70:46: Thane posts an encouraging message to the network, and Simon replies.
May 24–26
✖ 32:00ish: Q proposes self-defence classes on the network. Simon agrees.

✖ 65:00: Gliese renegotiates Simon's contract.

✖ 70:00: Gliese announces to the network that Simon has been dealt with. This is the first he knows of the kill order. It's no longer relevant.
✖ 70:01–72:00: Reaction inbox threads with Pilot, Bond, Anders, November, Vriska, Big Boss, and Winnie, who finally comforts him. Anders and Vriska promise to deal with him later.
✖ 70:30: Reaction inbox thread with Peter.
✖ 71:26: Simon replies to Gliese's announcement, after reading through the public messages.
May 27–29
✖ 01:31: Simon goes looking for a priest and finds Martin.

HOUR 05:00–71:00: Visibility: Zero

✖ 07:00: Peter calls Simon. Because Simon said he never called. This may have been a mistake.
✖ 07:54: Babydoll voicemails Simon about the things she's seen scouting. He doesn't get this till later.
✖ 07:58: Simon takes off to visit Martin at Rover 18.
✕ afterwards: Martin and Tony Stark discuss Simon.
✖ 10:00: Voicemail from Peter, who is bored and playing 1038976.
✖ 12:10: Simon finally gets to Pilot's post about slud, which came in while Gliese was maiming him.
✖ 17:10: Simon apologises to Neheda.
✖ 22:00: Kagari texts to see if Simon is alive.
✖ 24:00: The crew receive a mysterious scrambled message and Simon fails to read it, conveniently for Q.
✖ 36:19: Simon texts Peter about his feels. Oops.
✖ 43:20: Voicemail from Peter, who has attained a new high score on 1038976.
✖ 68:20: Simon texts Q in the middle of the night.
May 30-June 2
HOUR 00:00–24:00: Visibility: Moderate (early afternoon light)

✖ 14:00: Simon meets up with Peggy for training.
✖ 21:30: The CDC destroy a crewship for attempted rebellion. Simon watches in silence. Bruce gets bent out of shape about the Simon incident. Jack Benjamin calls him a moron.

HOUR 25:00–46:00: Visibility: Moderate (late-afternoon/sunset)

✕ 30:00: Gliese makes an announcement about ignoring the distress call. Having seen the price, Simon is startlingly okay with the decision. He tries to intervene with Dick.
✖ afterwards: Vriska gets back from mapping. The fate of the Almina has begun to eat at Simon.
✖ 38:00: While working in supplies, Simon runs into Kagari.
✖ 45:00: As the mapping teams return, Rover 023 is disrupted by a catfight.

HOUR 47:00–71:00: Visibility: Low-Zero (early evening for hours 47:00 - 60:00, sudden descent to darkness for hours 60:XX onwards)

✖ 56:00: Simon meets Arya in the woods. Again.
✖ 58:00: Simon runs into Pilot, who's fixing his jeep.
✖ 61:05: Simon offers Clary driving lessons.
✖ 64:44: Call from Peter. He's read all the database files.
Jun 3–Jun 5
HOUR 07:00–40:00: Visibility: High-Moderate (late morning/early afternoon light)

Supply drop and retrieval. Blue is given command of distribution.

✖ 08:26: Simon texts Neheda about the damage to the rover bathroom.
✖ 26:16: Simon finally cracks and gets onto Baku about his worsening nightmares.
✖ 37:06: Simon replies to Big Boss challenging people to spar with him.

HOUR 41:00–71:00: Visibility: Low-Zero (early evening for hours 47:00 - 60:00, sudden descent to darkness for hours 60:XX onwards)

Downtime. First week in; end of the narm phase/overt psychological shock. Simon is sharper-tongued, more intense and more defensive.

✖ Today: Simon submits some nibbled tree bark and a bezoar to Hornet.
✖ 41:00ish: Big Boss lifts an attack jeep, and Simon stops to watch.
✖ 42:32: Simon texts Isabelle about spare ammo.
✖ 44:06: Simon asks on the network about throwing knives and screecher bombs. Good kid.
✖ 46:00: Lancer offers magical equipment upgrades and Simon bites.
MONTH 1 | DAY 10
Jun 6–Jun 8
✕ 05:00: Dagger wakes all Red Team members with IASW piped to their rovers. Along with their rovermates. Mentions Simon in passing.
✖ 05:10: Simon texts November to ask where he's off to.
✖ 06:47: Hanna posts asking where the hell Red have all got to. Simon confirms with her that they're all gone.
✖ 06:57: Texts Babydoll to see when they'll be back. (She's probably dead or unconscious)
✖ 07:19: While jogging around camp, Simon runs into Rapunzel.
✕ 09:00: Rapunzel and Hakon build a spinning-wheel and talk about Princess Simon.
✖ 09:21: Simon finally stops dillydallying and texts Bruce to apologise.
✖ 19:36: Following on from their meeting, Rapunzel leaves Simon a gift. Having forgotten already, Simon blames Winnie.

HOUR 06:00–36:00: Visibility: High-Moderate (late morning/early afternoon light)


HOUR 37:00–71:00: Visibility: Low-Zero (early evening for hours 47:00 - 60:00, sudden descent to darkness for hours 60:XX onwards)

✖ 71:00: Gliese announces the imminent lockdown. Simon seeks permission to assist with Kotetsu's sweep.

AC Month 2
MONTH 1 | DAY 11
Jun 9–11
HQ puts crewship on high alert. Neheda crew enter rover lockdown for 72 hours.

HOUR 00:00–24:59: Visibility: High/Moderate (sustained late morning/noon sunlight)

✖ 00:00: Lockdown begins (complete this). Simon gets inside almost at the last minute.
✖ 00:05–00:30ish: Texts with Arya, Babydoll, Baku, Jack, Kagari, Vriska and Winnie.
✖ 18:52: Finally gets to texting Hakon, who's ... still outside. Oopsie.
✖ 22:16: Loki plays FMK on the network. Simon takes part; November and Babydoll get involved. Kagari throws Simon to the wolves.
HOUR 25:00–46:59: Visibility: Moderate (late-afternoon/sunset)

✖ 25:00ish: Ghost announces the casualty list to the network. (dropped and idled characters)
✖ 26:00: Vriska yells about her dead friends on the network. Simon inboxes her to talk.

HOUR 47:00–71:59: Visibility: Low-Zero (early evening for hours 47:00 - 60:00, sudden descent to darkness for hours 60:XX onwards)

✖ Lateish: Neheda puts out a call for medical assistance. Simon volunteers, but is rejected.

Downtime. Mostly cleanup.
MONTH 1 | DAY 12
Jun 12–14
HOUR 00:00–24:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (sustained late morning/noon sunlight)

✕ 00:15: Armada calls Green Team out to clean up, and tells everyone else to stay in their rovers.
✖ 09:00: Vanille asks for help, and Simon checks up on her.

[[Hearts Meme. Comments to Anders, Arya, Babydoll, Baku, Big Boss, Bruce, Cooper, D, Dagger, Dick, Gliese, Hanbei, Jack, Kagari, Loki, Martin, Neheda, November, Peggy, Peter, Pilot, Q, Rapunzel, Sturmhond, Vanille, Vriska and Winnie.]] [complete this]

✖ 09:34: Anders puts out a medical roll-call, and Simon, still feeling useless, asks about helping.

Instructors' meeting; all eight are MIA. All networks are down, while all device trackers (aka Localized Personnel Tracker) are remotely activated. Everyone will see it's actively tracking them. Translators will be cutting out without warning.

✖ 18:10: Simon catches back up with Arya.

HOUR 25:00–71:59: Visibility: Moderate-Low-Zero (late-afternoon/sunset, early evening for hours 47:00 - 60:00, sudden descent to darkness for hours 60:XX onwards)

MONTH 1 | DAY 13
Jun 15–17
HOUR 00:00–14:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (sustained late morning/noon sunlight)

Downtime. Network and translator systems are back online.

✕ At some point: Temeraire asks Gliese about Vriska and Simon.
✖ 10:30: Fang beats Simon round the head and mugs him of body fluids for Dagger. Gross.
✖ 12:00: Peter calls to see if Simon's dead or not.
✖ at some point: Q posts a raunchy haiku in Morse to the network.

HOUR 15:00–71:59: Visibility: Moderate-Low-Zero (late-afternoon/sunset, early evening for hours 47:00 - 60:00, sudden descent to darkness for hours 60:XX onwards)


✖ 30:00: Serah complains about people reading the files.
MONTH 1 | DAY 14
Jun 18–20
HOUR 00:00–71:59: Visibility: Light winds and overcast sky throughout.

Ghost makes an announcement via rover network. New recruits are dropped from Mothership into an ongoing avalanche. Senior recruits will be picking them up from the drop point.

✕ 24:00ish: Babydoll drops. She is now ICly missing (away on assignment). Simon doesn't notice right away.
MONTH 1 | DAY 15
Jun 21–23
HOUR 00:00–14:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (sustained late morning/noon sunlight)

Most if not all characters should have arrived at rendezvous point. Basic supplies and rover assignments will be handed out. Senior recruits are permitted to hand out rover duties to new recruits.

Reassigned to Rover 014. New rovermates are Allen Avadonia, Big Boss, Catherine Halsey, and fucking Sephiroth.

✖ 06:00: Liara asks for volunteers to help the newcomers. Simon offers English lessons and, of all things, counselling. Also asks Garrus about alien lessons.
✖ 07:00 onwards: The newbies arrive. Simon works under Liara. He helps out Elena, Lysander, Masaki, Maya and Ukitake. Finds Allen outside Rover 014.
✖ 13:30ish: Simon takes a break and meets Peggy at the shooting range.
✖ Some time: America complains, loudly, enthusiastically and at length, about his situation.
✕ Some time: Dagger complains to Charles Xavier about Simon.

HOUR 15:00–71:59: Visibility: Moderate-Low-Zero (late-afternoon/sunset, early evening for hours 47:00 - 60:00, sudden descent to darkness for hours 60:XX onwards)

✖ 36:00ish: Baroona suggests a hunt.
✖ 56:30: Simon goes to visit Vriska, who's in stasis, and finds Jack Benjamin instead.
✖ 57:10: Simon texts Peter to complain about the new people.
AC Month 3
MONTH 1 | DAY 16
Jun 24–26
HOUR 00:00–10:59: Visibility: Moderate-Low (overcast sky)

[[Month 2 Activity Check]]

✖ 05:00: Simon runs into Pilot by the bonfire.
✖ Lots: Simon goes hunting. Meets 1, Jake, Masaki and Re-L. Returns to camp to find Rapunzel's hair everywhere. Meets Mogget and Hakon.

HOUR 11:00–71:59: Visibility: Moderate-Low (light snow)

Downtime. Ghost announces supply drop location.

✖ After this: Jean Kirstein suggests a swap meet.
✖ After this: Korra offers spare meat for the bahari cats.
✖ After this: Charles calls Simon because of reasons.
MONTH 1 | DAY 17
Jun 27–29
HOUR 00:00–24:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (light snow)

Supply drop day. Blue is in charge of distribution. The CDC sends everyone an operation manual; each team gets a different manual. There are also large crates marked CDC INSTRUCTORS ONLY and cannot be opened by PCs. Recruits will be sent to retrieve the supplies.

✖ 00:00–25:00: Simon works in supplies, for his many, many sins. [complete this] Kagari and Winnie complain loudly about Simon's efforts at organisation.
✖ 10:21: Simon finally texts November about Babydoll.

HOUR 25:00–46:59: Visibility: Moderate (late-afternoon/sunset)

Downtime. Weather clears up. Recruits are given free access to Neheda Shopping Channel and 100 credits each.

HOUR 47:00–71:59: Visibility: Low-Zero (early evening for hours 47:00 - 60:00, sudden descent to darkness for hours 60:XX onwards)

MONTH 1 | DAY 18
Jun 30–Jul 02
HOUR 00:00–24:59: Visibility: High-Moderate

✕ 00:00–12:00: Alex Mercer texts "the Shai are watching us" and something about the statue. Simon watches.


✕ Some time: Dagger warns Jack Benjamin about Blue Team and mentions Simon. Later, he talks to Neheda about him. It's not good.
✕ Dagger then contacts Seth Gecko about bumping off Simon. Seth then contacts Isha to plot.
✖ Some time: Jack inboxes Simon to ask what happened with his contract. It goes well, considering.

HOUR 25:00–46:59: Visibility: Moderate (late-afternoon/sunset)

✖ 30:00: Hibari heads up into the mountains to pick flowers and Simon meets him there.
✖ 32:11: Simon grabs Vriska to ask about his brief talk with Jack. Shortly afterwards, they take off into the woods.
✖ 34:25: Simon texts Anders about Alex's revelation. During this, he asks Alex whether his statue memory could have been a projection.

HOUR 47:00–71:59: Visibility: Low-Zero (early evening for hours 47:00 - 60:00, sudden descent to darkness for hours 60:XX onwards)

✖ 63:00: After that telling conversation earlier, Jack posts drunk to the network wanting to know about everyone's religion.
✖ 65:20: Simon runs into Mogget, in human form on the way back from the Orange Team assignment.
MONTH 1 | DAY 19
Jul 03–Jul 05
HOUR 00:00–24:59: Visibility: High-Moderate

✖ 06:00: Samus announces Raiden's death to the network. Big Boss takes it badly and Simon makes him coffee.
✖ 10:00: Ghost and Flux pull Blue Team. Well... almost all of Blue Team. Guess who's left behind.
✖ shortly afterwards: Winnie inboxes Simon to commiserate.
✖ 11:31: Simon texts Jack to bump his English lesson (because of Ghost's meeting) - and to check up on him.
✖ 18:20: Simon gets teabags from Ghost and texts to say thank you.
✖ 19:52: Simon texts Winnie love poetry. Wat.

HOUR 25:00–46:59: Visibility: Moderate (late-afternoon/sunset)

✖ Some time: Gliese wakes up. Simon doesn't text her, but considers it.
✕ 35:00: Dagger and Ghost talk about the crew and missions and mention Simon in passing.

HOUR 47:00–71:59: Visibility: Low-Zero (early evening for hours 47:00 - 60:00, sudden descent to darkness for hours 60:XX onwards)
MONTH 1 | DAY 20
Jul 06–Jul 08
HOUR 00:00–24:59: Visibility: High-Moderate

NETWORK DISABLED from 08:00 onwards. Downtime for Green, Orange, and Red ... and Simon.

✖ 08:00–20:00: Blue Team head off to start up the transceivers. Simon stays behind. Threads with Sephiroth, Peter, Re-L, Helena, Ivan, Tony, Pilot, Charles Xavier and Elena.
✖ 10:10: Simon meets November out by the snow forest and goes to stab a madu.

After this point, he's consciously worked out that violence is cathartic. O o p s.

HOUR 25:00–46:59: Visibility: Moderate (late-afternoon/sunset)

HOUR 47:00–71:59: Visibility: Low-Zero (early evening for hours 47:00 - 60:00, sudden descent to darkness for hours 60:XX onwards)
MONTH 1 | DAY 21
Jul 09–Jul 11
HOUR 00:00–59:59: Visibility: High-Moderate

HOUR 06:00: Blue Team return from their mission. Network reenabled.

✖ 06:00: Simon's message to Vriska, complaining about Sephiroth, finally arrives.
✖ 06:05: Anders sees the statue move and f r e a k s  o u t.
✖ 06:31: Winnie texts about her mission near-failure and Simon rushes over to console her.
✖ 08:25: Finally texts Athos about English teaching.
✖ 09:06: Inboxes Kurt, who is by now out of medical.
✖ some time: Vanille inboxes to see if Simon would like a fur blanket.

✖ 26:00: Vriska is poisoned. Simon visits her in medical.
✖ 34:10: Inboxes Fang, to thank her again for the doughnuts (and her apology).

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness
MONTH 1 | DAY 22
Jul 12–Jul 14
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate


✖ 00:20: Peter calls Simon, upset about the latest Red Team shenanigans. Simon is asleep.
✖ 05:05: Simon wakes up and finds Peter's voicemail.
✖ 06:42: They finally catch up and go for a walk.
✖ Early: Roxy posts the advertisement for her concert.
✖ Some time: Dagger posts the list of transfers to the network. Babydoll, Q and Bond are gone.
✖ 09:00ish: Packed off to Outpost B for downtime cleanup, Simon encounters Yulia playing with her butterfly knife.
✖ 10:30: Sturmhond proposes paintballing and knife training and Simon signs up.

HOUR 12:00–12:59: Ghost rickrolls the entire rover network for an hour, dedicating it to Noh-Varr.

✖ some time: Helena asks about people's dreams, and Simon replies.
✖ 13:06: Simon contacts Noh-Varr to thank him for the music.
✖ 14:00: Runs into Clary, who's drawing outside.
✖ 18:06: Finally messages Gliese about item requests and eggs. First contact since the contract renegotiation.

✖ 34:00ish: Isha stalks Simon, for the orange team mission and so she can kill him.
✖ 41:30: After this, Simon finds Anders to express his displeasure.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Early evening

✖ 47:00: Texts Anders to confirm he'll be running later on.
✖ Some time: Martin asks about starting a book club.
✖ 55:00: Goes running with Anders, the next ... day or w/e. It is uncomfortable.

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness

✖ 70:00: Texts Stefan out of pure curiosity.
MONTH 1 | DAY 23
Jul 15–Jul 17
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate

✖ Some time: Jack texts, ostensibly about an English lesson but we all know it's really to bitch.
✖ 18:00ish: Simon perches on top of his rover, nibbling dried fruit and getting spied on by Baku.
✖ 37:00ish: D shows up at Simon's rover to find out why he wasn't on the Blue mission.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Early evening

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness
MONTH 1 | DAY 24
Jul 18–Jul 20
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate. Light winds and overcast sky throughout.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Early evening

✖ 70:25: Texts Pilot in the middle of the night because lonely.

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness
MONTH 1 | DAY 25
Jul 21–Jul 23
HOUR 00:00–09:59: Visibility: Low-Zero.

HOUR 10:00–68:59: Visibility: Low-Zero (heavy snow).

✖ 41:30: Texts Obi-Wan about getting a paintbrush from his old rover.
✖ 58:30: Armada organises a rescue mission and Simon volunteers.

✖ 60:00: Rescue log. [complete this]

HOUR 69:00–71:59: Visibility: Low-Zero (light snow).
MONTH 1 | DAY 26
Jul 24–Jul 26
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: Low-Zero (daytime, light snow).

✖ some time: Clary texts Simon to tell him to come outside.

Supply drop day.

✖ 10:30: Texts Masaki to see how she's settling in.
✖ 26:00: Hornet announces her petsitting project. Simon checks in and cares for a goka. Also asks Rapunzel about hair rope for his bahari. [complete this]

✖ 34:04: Texts Hornet about getting a spray bottle.
✖ 34:06: Texts D begging for bahari babysitting.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Low-Zero (evening, light snow).

✕ some time: Seth and Isha update each other on their mission.

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness (light snow).
AC Month 4
MONTH 1 | DAY 27
Jul 27–Jul 29
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (daytime).

[[Month 3 Activity Check]]

Kagari and Sephiroth drop. Simon assumes they've gone to Sector R (Kagari is gone from medical); he'll later figure they're away elsewhere. Loses a sparring partner, but his rover is a much nicer place.

Big Boss goes on hiatus. Stasis.

✖ 10:00: Ghost calls for volunteers to explore Sector R. Simon volunteers, but is rebuffed by Neheda, despite Pilot's intervention. He then texts her to ask about it.

✖ 44:00: Vriska stops by to discuss her awful pale feelings.
✖ 46:00: Texts Rapunzel about whatever the hell came up during petsitting. [technically AC Month 5]

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Moderate (evening).

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness.

✖ 68:00: Texts Vriska about roses and foxes.
MONTH 1 | DAY 28
Jul 30–Aug 01
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (daytime).

✖ 05:25: Texts Pilot to preen about getting in the shower first.
✖ 05:35: Texts Elena for the same reason.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Moderate (evening).

48:00: Baku goes on hiatus. Furlough. No effect on Simon.

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness.
MONTH 1 | DAY 29
Aug 02–Aug 04
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (daytime).

00:00: Winnie goes on hiatus. Stasis. Simon will visit.
✖ some time: Stumbles across Kaname and apologises after the rescue trip. Previously, Kaname and Mogget gossip about Simon.

24:00: Vanille drops. Simon won't really notice until she's listed and then he'll feel baaaad.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Moderate (evening).

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness.
MONTH 1 | DAY 30
Aug 05–Aug 07
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (daytime).

✕ Warriorhead's Orange Team homework. Parker and Vanille assess Simon as one of the two greatest threats on Blue Team.
00:00: Allen drops. Simon assumes he's off doing something mysterious.
✖ 06:00: Before the SOS message, Simon attempts chapatis.
✖ some time: Dagger asks for volunteers for an "SOS mission" to an alien planet. Simon goes along! Then he mocks Peter's hair and reports to Adrien.
✖ some time: Garrett asks what the worst crime is on people's worlds. Simon suggests genocide.
✖ 26:02: Pilot brings Simon a gift after the Sector R mission.
MONTH 1 | DAY 30.5
Aug 08–Aug 10
✕ 43:00: Gliese orders all Lusania volunteers into action.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Moderate (evening).

48:00: Re-L goes on hiatus. Stasis. Simon won't notice.
✖ some time: Optimus reveals the secret of the Sector R t-shirts. Simon is amused at first, but ends up being challenged on everything he wants to believe. Also, he gets the age of the Earth wrong and Elena corrects him.

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness.

Afterwards: Simon goes on hiatus. Welp. Maybe Optimus gave him a breakdown.
MONTH 2 | DAY 31
Aug 11–Aug 13
[[Medical tent catchup comment.]]

[[Confessions Meme (complete this)]]
MONTH 2 | DAY 33
Aug 17–Aug 19
00:00: Big Boss drops. Simon will find out when he leaves hiatus.

✕ 44:00: Jack manages to horrify a stasised Simon.
MONTH 2 | DAY 34
Aug 20–Aug 22
[[TFLN with Ivan]]
MONTH 2 | DAY 35
Aug 23–Aug 25
[[Little Details Meme]]

✖ 71:59: Receives 50 credits for his involvement in the petsitting project.
AC Month 5
MONTH 2 | DAY 36
Aug 26–Aug 28
[[Month 4 Activity Check]]

[[Date Auction Meme. Bids on D, November and Pilot. Is bid on by Hibari and Jake.]]
MONTH 2 | DAY 37
Aug 29–Aug 31
✕ some time: Temeraire tells Optimus about Simon.
✖ 57:30: Emerges from stasis to find a text from Vriska.
✖ 58:00: Sits by the bonfire to study the ticking. Talks to Re-L, Hibari and Mogget.
✖ 60:00: Texts Dagger to apologise for missing the Lusania mission. Texts Carla, Isabelle, Gino, Koltira and Rikki. Dagger mentions Simon again, possibly.
✖ 59:30: Hits up Peggy about the hunting trip.
✖ 60:00: Replies to Kaname's text about changing her mission freebie.
✖ 62:00: Texts Aya because her file basically reads "take care of this kid".
✖ 61:00: Spots Michelle in the consignee files and says hello.
✖ hereabouts: Texts Yuuto about tea.
✖ 63:00: Texts D after Yuuto suggested he might have the only milk left in the camp.
✖ 64:00: Texts Kaname, again, to apologise, again. They end up not speaking.
✖ 64:30: Texts Korra, noticing that her number has changed.
✖ 65:00: Texts Jack, ostensibly about resuming those English lessons.
✖ 68:00: Texts Neheda about the statue and the shai.

[[Item request for the Ajna mission]]
MONTH 2 | DAY 38
Sep 01–Sep 03
HOUR 00:00–71:59: Moderate-Low (moderate snow during morning to late afternoon; heavy snow during evening)

Snow day.

✖ 08:30: Gets back to Fiona about the file photos.
✖ 09:00: Goes hunting, again! Or in his case, plant gathering with Ivan and Sturmhond. Talks to Seth and Peggy on the way out. Gets trapped in the snow with Anders.
MONTH 2 | DAY 39
Sep 04–Sep 06
HOUR 00:00–71:59: Visibility: Moderate (snow persists but tapers off later into the day)

Camp is infested with madu. Madu by the dozen. The shai are starting to harass outskirters.

[[Scary permissions update comment]]
[[3rd CR Meme comment]]
[[Bahari update comment]]

✖ 06:30: Simon wakes to All The Madu and hits up the camp's more benign resident expert, Ivan.
MONTH 2 | DAY 40
Sep 07–Sep 09
HOUR 00:00–05:59: Visibility: Moderate (light snow)

Shai attack goes into overdrive. Attacking on sight, preferring Drop C recruits. Vomit everywhere.

HOUR 06:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (daytime).

✖ To Day 41: Drop log. (complete this)

Assigned to Rover 007. Loses his driver post. New rovermates are Kakashi Hatake, Roxas, Levi, and Alex Mercer.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Moderate (evening).

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness.
MONTH 2 | DAY 41
Sep 09–Sep 11
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (daytime).

✖ 02:30: Drop log: fighting shai with Hanbei.
✖ 03:00: Drop log: fighting shai with Hibari.
✖ 03:30: Drop log: supply running with Optimus.
✕ some time: Post-drop: checks in at medical and sees Edward Elric being treated for the destruction of his metal arm.
✖ 18:00: Post-drop: cleaning vomit off his stuff, much to Kakashi's displeasure.
✖ 19:00: Post-drop: madu shepherding with D'Artagnan. And later he tries to apologise, and this more or less happens.
✖ 20:00: Post-drop: making tea in rover 007 with Levi.
✖ 20:30: Post-drop: Alex complains about Simon's many, many things.
✖ 21:00: Post-drop: Milkshakes with Clary.
✖ 23:30: Post-drop: by the bonfire with Jack.
✖ 26:00: Texts Parker about her driver's rights.

Sleeps for six hours, eventually.
At some point here, Hé Míng drops: KIA

HOUR 33:00–45:00: Med tent shift.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Moderate (evening).

✖ Here some time: Texts Optimus about Deadpool's challenge.
✖ Some time: Texts Elena about blood donation.

Sleeps more, ten hours or so.

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness.

✖ 60:00: Texts Adrien about blood donation, but is discouraged.
✖ 62:00: Finds Masaki sitting in the dark.
MONTH 2 | DAY 42
Sep 12–Sep 14
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (daytime).

✕ some time: Gliese announces the drops and deaths - and the newbie exercises.
✖ 14:00: Hits up Pilot about fixing his oven.
✖ 16:00: Sylvanas finds his box! Hooray! Erm....

HOUR 33:00–45:00: Med tent shift.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Moderate (evening).

✖ 47:00: In doubt after the deaths and transfers are announced, texts Winnie Psalm 73.

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness.

✖ 60:00: Sasuke demands access to all the bahari.
✖ 60:30: Simon loops Gliese in on this.
MONTH 2 | DAY 43
Sep 15–Sep 17
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (daytime).

The skeleton crew are now fulltime in the medical tent until Day 50.

✖ 06:25: Anders texts to pester about Elena.
✖ 10:00: Texts Hibari about landsharks.
✖ 12:00: Simon has a box containing a dinner jacket delivered to his rover. WTF?

HOUR 33:00–45:00: Med tent shift.

✕ 36:36: Neheda announces a snowman-building competition. Simon clears out of medical to participate.
✖ 37:00: On his way out, he spots Jack lurking in his rover doorway.
✖ 38:00: Text from Clary. Does he wanna....
✖ 45:10: Runs into Roxas, who's making a snow duck.
✖ 46:00: Texts Jack some dirty poems, after his Gliese experience.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Moderate (evening).
HOUR 47:00–53:00: Sleeping.

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness.
HOUR 71:00–05:00 tomorrow: Sleeping.
MONTH 2 | DAY 44
Sep 18–Sep 20
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (daytime).
HOUR 00:00–05:00: Sleeping.

Downtime. Formalwear party from 17:00–23:00.

✖ 10:00: Signs up for Sturmhond's paintball fight.
✖ 19:00: BBQ party: Talking to Fiona.
✖ 20:00: BBQ party: Helena's wings.
✖ 22:00: BBQ party: Simon gets drunk and harasses Rapunzel.
✖ 22:30: BBQ party: Ends up outside vomiting next to Gino.
✖ 23:00: BBQ party: Finally, utterly legless, Simon runs into Tony.

HOUR 02:00–29:00: Sleeping.

Lol hungover.

HOUR 33:00–35:00: Med tent shift.

✖ 35:00: Texts Fiona to apologise.
✖ 36:00: Paintball. Sob. Run-ins with Fiona and Clary.

HOUR 39:00–45:00: Back to medical, wincing.

✖ 39:30: Texts Clary to ask if he's sexist or not.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Moderate (evening).
HOUR 47:00–53:00: Sleeping.

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness.

✖ 65:00: Aeryn recruits candidates for boot camp.

HOUR 71:00–05:00 tomorrow: Sleeping.
MONTH 2 | DAY 45
Sep 21–Sep 23
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (Sustained late-morning/noon sunlight).
HOUR 00:00–05:00: Sleeping.

✖ 10:00: Texts Baku about their arrangement.

HOUR 23:00–29:00: Sleeping.

HOUR 33:00–45:00: Med tent shift.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Moderate (evening).
HOUR 47:00–53:00: Sleeping.

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness.
HOUR 71:00–05:00 tomorrow: Sleeping.
AC Month 6
MONTH 2 | DAY 46
Sep 24–Sep 26
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: Moderate (mild fog).
HOUR 00:00–05:00: Sleeping.

[[Month 5 Activity Check]]

✖ 06:00: On finding out about the Blue mission, Vriska texts him.
✖ *10:00: Asks Gliese about his contract terms.
✖ 12:00: Asks D'Artagnan to watch out for Mochi.
✖ 12:30: Hanbei gets in touch to confirm that Ivan is dead.
✖ 18:00: Terra asks about disobedience and its consequences.

HOUR 23:00–29:00: Sleeping.

HOUR 33:00–45:00: Med tent shift.

✖ 35:00: Gets drugs from Anders in the medtent.
✖ *45:15: Runs into Winnie, out by the perimeter path.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Moderate (evening).

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness.

✖ 71:48: Shortly before his death, Simon leaves Anders some letters in case he doesn't come back.
MONTH 2 | DAY 47
Sep 27–Sep 29
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: Moderate (mild fog).

✖ 00:05: Simon meets with Pilot and is killed.
MONTH 2 | DAY 50
Oct 06–Oct 08
HOUR 00:00–46:59: Visibility: High-Moderate (daytime).
HOUR 00:00–05:00: Sleeping.

✖ 00:30: Simon revives to find that he's failed - and is at Gliese's mercy again.

HOUR 23:00–29:00: Sleeping.

HOUR 33:00–45:00: Med tent shift.

HOUR 47:00–59:59: Visibility: Moderate (evening).
HOUR 47:00–53:00: Sleeping.

HOUR 60:00–71:59: Visibility: Sudden descent to darkness.

HOUR 71:00–05:00 tomorrow: Sleeping.
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[ooc] relationships at home

at home

Yuki (Yukio) Shimizu

Yuki is Simon's current boyfriend—intelligent and versatile, pleasant and quiet, deceptively lazy-seeming, and a liar. The two of them live together in London. Their neighbours probably wonder about the two nice young men in number 28, but nobody further afield would ever have cause; they are both resolute that they shouldn't broadcast themselves.

Simon adores him; he truly believes in him; he is completely devoted. He has misgivings, but he blames himself for them; he feels guilty for them; he manages them away. And he has a lot to manage, because Yuki's a manipulative, psychologically abusive fuckhead—clever, adept and charming. He's been terrible for Simon, to such an extent that the CDC might well, in the long term, end up good for him.

Yuki knows Simon is hiding something from him, but believes he could tell if it was anything important. He thinks he can read the other boy's mind, and often he can. He knows what he's doing to Simon, and sometimes even feels guilty about it. Undemonstrative by nature, he does love Simon obsessively, though more because he makes Yuki feel so very special than for his own sake.

Rejected by his family in Osaka, he's skipped the country to build a new life for himself. He's very, very insecure, obsessed with not being alone. He wants someone who will love him and be with him; he wants someone who will never, ever leave him. So when he finds Simon, he befriends him, he charms him, and then he webs him up and keeps him.

He won't ever feel bad enough about what he's doing to stop. He takes Simon for granted; he thinks the English boy's happy enough. And if he's not, he ought to be. And if he left—if he left, then Yuki would have failed again. And then he doesn't know what he'd do.

Anton Hewitt

Decently smart and middlingly attractive, with brown hair and brown eyes and a sunny smile, Anton is Simon's best friend at Eton, and later his first real boyfriend. He's the son of a doctor, a good social class or two below Simon, but neither of them mind.

The two of them first really talk in front of the school's First World War memorial, where Simon is picking out his dead great-uncles who he's heard about all his life—and more distant relatives too, and several other family names he recognises. Anton, who's seen his dormmate tucked away on his own and come to see what he's up to, is a bit dazed by the torrent of information, but after that they're friends.

He genuinely cares about Simon; he isn't stringing him along. But he's much more like a Kinsey 2 or 3, and finds it easier to deal only with girls. Withdrawn from school after the fight with Simon, he revises at home and takes his exams at a local testing centre. He drops a couple of grades, but he still gets into a London college to do art history—which suits him fine, as his original application to Oxford would have been far too close to Simon's orbit.

He never really forgives himself for the things he says to Simon when they break up, but he moves on with his life and does well.

+ Jamie (James) Enderby

A strawberry-blond boy some six months younger than Simon, he's Simon's father's first cousin, and Simon's first cousin once removed. His family home is a large house in Chelsea, modern and gated, and ruled by three white Persian cats which Simon adores.

Jamie's father is the only real friend Simon's father has, and the two families visit back and forth constantly. The two of them go to school together. Jamie is Simon's best friend until they're thirteen, stands by him come what may, and as an adult is one of only two people who he fully confides in.

He's science-inclined; he studies maths at Imperial College in London. He likes fractals. He goes on to be an investment banker, but we shan't hold that against him. His girlfriend is a PhD astrophysicist with an interest in exoplanets. Simon meets up with them often.

+ Molly (Margaret) Kenwood, the Hon.

A bright, laughing, fashionable young woman, Molly is Simon's aunt and his father's younger sister, born in 1974. She's still at boarding-school when her parents divorce, and her mother retains custody and half her husband's wealth. They do very well out of it.

Only twelve years older than Simon is, she's more of an older sister than an aunt to him. She jetsets a lot, and is more often out of the country than in it; however, when she's around, she'll collect Simon and Jamie from school and drag them out for the day. These trips tend to be startling or strange in one way or another; she's either very good or very bad for Simon's political awareness. She writes letters and brings them gifts (including Simon's first pair of angora rabbits, after his Christmas gift of a goldfish drops dead).

Whether she does anything for a living is unclear; people presume she lives off her mother. With Jamie, she's Simon's other confidante in the present day.

Piers Edward Enderby Kenwood, Lord (11th Earl) Kenwood

And, to quote C S Lewis, he almost deserves it. This is Simon's father. Not raised to be emotional, he finds happiness with his wife, who he meets at Oxford. The two of them are devoted to each other.

They have a daughter successfully, but Piers is very aware that he needs a son—and besides, the two of them want a little boy regardless. Suffice it to say that things do not go to plan; he leaves the hospital with a son, but with no wife. He's never the same again.

He has a vast idea of tradition—of the centuries the family has existed, and the rights and responsibilities that go along with it; he's imbued it into Simon, though it's fair to say the whole process backfired. He's terrified of being the end of his line. He keeps a picture of his wife on his desk, turned face-down. Simon sometimes sneaks in, lifts it up and looks at it.

Claire Kenwood, Lady (Viscountess) Wraysbury (d. 1986)

Simon's mother, born Claire Wilson, a quick, affectionate young woman with dark blonde hair. She comes from a middle-class family. While she has a degree in history, she marries Simon's father almost at graduation; they're madly in love.

She dies from a placental abruption, while Simon is being induced in 1986. It's made clear that this is his fault, and he blames himself.

Jan (Janine) Katharine Wilson Kenwood, the Hon.

Simon's sister, older by three years and the bane of his young existence. She goes from being parented mainly by her mother, with frequent paternal involvement, to being raised by a nurse—and she blames the tiny interloper in her nursery.

She alternates between petting her baby brother for any watching eyes, and tormenting him mercilessly. Simon's first memory is of screaming as she pinches him. He has many, many later memories of her insisting to him that he killed their mother.

She goes to a boarding-school on the south coast. She rides horses competitively and obsessively, with middling-to-good results; she'd like to go to the Olympics, but she simply isn't good enough. As an adult, she lives in Highgate in London, across the city from Simon; this is very much for the best, as the two of them loathe each other and won't speak unless it's made necessary.

Her hair is mid-brown, not as fair as her mother's but nowhere near as dark as her father's and brother's.

Jackie (St John) Kenwood, Lord (10th Earl) Kenwood (d. 1999)

This is Simon's grandfather, and the source of his hated middle name. He was rushed out as a replacement heir in 1921, shortly after both his elder brothers were killed in the First World War. He's named St John for the dead heir, who was John known as Jack; you may be getting the idea that this is a family that's screwed up about tradition and inheritance, and you would be correct.

His own father dies not long afterward; Jack inherits at seven years old. He goes through Dartmouth as the Second World War is breaking out, and enters the Royal Navy as an officer; he survives, marrying at the end of the war. Unfortunately, his wife is killed in a mysterious cupboard accident, leaving no issue. He doesn't marry again until he's almost 40; his new wife, Kitty Enderby, is only 21; she bears him three children, including Simon's father and his aunt Molly, but divorces him in 1985 leaving the family in near-ruin.

+ Kitty (Katharine) Kenwood, Lady (Countess) Kenwood

Born Kitty Enderby, this is Simon's grandmother. She marries his grandfather in an equitable exchange—his title for her share of her family's wealth. He is twice her age. Unfortunately, she divorces him, taking considerably more than she came in with.

Simon has run into her a few times, more often at social events than while visiting with the Enderby family. She's not unlike her daughter—a bright, flashy older woman who gets about a lot. She's always been very kind to Simon, which won her his heart forever—though he's not without an awareness of events.