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you're made of memories you bury or live by

some nights we open up the flood and some nights we are lost

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Birthdate:Sep 16, 1986
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Hello! I'm Simon. I live in London, and I'm a pupil barrister. And you are..?

[This is a roleplay journal. Simon is an original character, played by [ profile] vashtijoy. Application here. Permissions here.
 For meme purposes, all you really need to know is that he's English and posh. If you'd rather not tag him, drop a note on the HMD here.
 PB is Alex Vlahos, courtesy of [ profile] citycalmdown. Art by [personal profile] xandrei. CR code courtesy of [personal profile] ambidexter. Navigation code courtesy of [personal profile] manual.]

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angora rabbits, apatheism, aristocrats are evil, being in love, cappuccinos, cats, centre-left politics, cheese, class guilt, contracts are okay, cpd is my hobby, doing the right thing, equality, faking competence, forced marriage is illegal, grass is greener syndrome, how did i get here, human rights, i hate commercial law, i love everybody, i love my closet, i love my iphone, i'm not gay, i'm not posh, keeping secrets, law, love will save the day, my boyfriend is a miracle, my pupilmaster is a sadist, my secret triple life, networking, nice things, nineties pop, optimism, patents are very dull, piano music, please give me tenancy, polly toynbee is a radical, reading the guardian, recycling, saving the world, social justice, swimming, tea, tiramisu, torts are interesting, upper-class twits, voting labour, what has my life become
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